Powerful Lighting Configuration

The bike also comes with brakes, headlights, and turn signal lights. When activated on the control panel on the left side of the handlebars, the turn signal lights illuminate, in addition to a separate horn and light button.

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Mechanical Button Design

-The mechanical brakes work effectively and come with integrated brake lights.
-Turn signal lights and a horn are seamlessly integrated into the bike.
-Buttons provide a responsive tactile feedback and won't depress easily.

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Save $1200 only $799

The bike weighs about 60 pounds and has a payload capacity of 350 pounds. It has a 48-volt down tube battery and a Shimano Tourney derailleur system with a Derulo guard. The bike has a 850-watt motor with a 1000-watt peak, giving out 55 newton meters of torque, and a rear rack. The bike has a Tectro caliper and 180-millimeter disc rotors, and a hinge for folding. The bike comes with turning signals, independent horn and light buttons, and a large display. The bike is recommended for Rider height of 4'10" to 6'3".

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70 Mile

28 Mph


Adjustable Handlebars

Handlebars that are highly adjustable for both vertical and horizontal angles, featuring ergonomic grips, allowing the A6 to conform to your riding posture, enabling more comfortable long rides.

Closed, Concealed Battery Design

This bike is equipped with a 48V 15Ah lithium-ion battery and an 1500W motor. The enclosed design achieves an IPX-6 waterproof rating, providing better protection for the battery cells and preventing theft. Aipas batteries are internationally certified with UL 2849, ensuring a longer lifespan and larger capacity, with a full charge offering a range of up to 70 miles.

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Save $1000 only $1299

This bike is equipped with a powerful 1500W motor and features two 48V lithium-ion batteries, one in the front and one in the rear, with a total capacity of 28.4 ampere-hours, enabling the bike to travel up to 155 miles. The A6 has a sturdy rear rack capable of supporting 480 pounds, with dimensions of 21 inches by 6.75 inches and two 11-inch slots for locally installing popular child seats. The bike also includes a transparent protective device to shield children's feet from being caught in the wheels. The A6 comes with front and rear baskets, a rear passenger footboard, 180mm Tektro hydraulic disc brakes, and reflective striped tires. It can cruise at a maximum speed of 28 miles per hour and features adjustable seat posts and stems, a step-through frame, and folding capabilities.

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Product specification

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Tread Sensor

Cadence Sensor

Cadence Sensor

Battery Capacity

48V 11.6Ah

48V 24.4Ah

48V 10Ah

Battery Charger

54.6V 2Amp

54.6V 2 Amp

54.6V 2 Amp

Max Range

55 Miles

155 Miles

50 Miles


Disc Brakes

Hydraulic Brakes

Hydraulic Brakes


20" x 3“ Tire

20" x 3" Tire

20" x 3" Tire






Throttle on demand

Throttle on Demand

Throttle on Demand


7-Speed Shimano

7-Speed Shimano

7-Speed Shimano





Total Length




Handlebar Height





60 lbs

90 lbs

130 lbs

Max Load

350 lbs

480 lbs

430 lbs

Suggested Rider Height




Pedal Assist Level

0~5 Level Pedal Assist

0~5 Level Pedal Assist

0~5 Level Pedal Assist

Best For

All terrain

All terrain

City, Commuting


Additional Features And Configurations

additional configurations and features are all designed to provide a comfortable, smooth, and safe riding experience on urban roads.

A2 features 5 levels of electronic assist and is equipped with the M5 display screen.
It can show energy levels, speed, pedal assist level, ride mileage, trip, and odometer.

The left and right rotation adjustment buttons allow you to adjust the suspension's softness or hardness, up to 100mm, to help you tackle different road conditions, ensuring a stable and safe ride.

The bicycle is also equipped with a horn, brake light, front headlight, and turn signal lights. This ensures a safer journey with added peace of mind. The headlight consists of 180 small bulbs, illuminating your way back home at night and ensuring your safety on the road.

With 20*3 fat tires and front suspension, it can conquer various road conditions, including flat roads, mountain trails, snow-covered fields, gravel pavements, and more.

The A2 is designed for easy portability. It can be folded and carried in various scenarios, including buses, car trunks, subways, and elevators. The folding and unfolding of the bike are simple and quick, taking approximately 10 seconds.

The A2 size and proportions are better suited for a variety of individuals, whether it's the elderly, children, or middle-aged people. The electric bike accommodates heights ranging from as tall as 6.3 inches to as short as 4.1 inches.

The bike has a Tectro caliper and 180-millimeter disc rotors, and a hinge for folding.

The A6 features a robust rear rack capable of withstanding 480 pounds, with dimensions of 21 inches by 6.75 inches and two 11-inch slots for locally installing popular child seats. Additionally, the bike includes a transparent protective shield to safeguard children's feet from getting caught in the wheels.

A2 in order to make it more convenient for users to fold and place the back of the car, so the pedals made an innovative breakthrough, the pedals folded to make the electric bike more stable and less prone to bumps