TST® Surfer 27.5" Step-Thru Commuter eBike

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Color: Light Green

Now, as part of the promotion, we are offering free Fender Set and a Rear Rack, a total value of $178.

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1-5 Gear Levels

Speed From 0 to 28 Mph

Motor 1000W

Rear-Wheel Drive Motor

Max 400 Lbs

Weight Capacity 400 Lbs

4-5 Hours

To Fully Charge

4-5 Hours

To Fully Charge

48V 15 Ah

Battery Capacity

Range 65 Miles

Single Charge Range

Powerful 1000W Output

SUTT0 (a sub-brand of BAFANG) brushless rear-wheel drive motor, 70Nm torque, 23 miles per hour throttle mode. Pedal-assist mode can reach up to 28 mph with adjustable speed.

Detachable and built-in battery

A hidden detachable lithium-ion battery creates a clean design. The built-in battery design and IPX6 waterproof rating allow the electric bike to be used even in unexpected rainy weather. The 48V 15Ah battery can provide power for your ride for up to 65 miles.

Front Suspension

The front suspension fork is made of high-quality alloy material with an 80mm travel, featuring a flexible and adaptive hydraulic design.

27.5" x 2.25" puncture-resistant slim tires.

The upgraded 27.5" x 2.25" wide Chao Yang puncture-resistant fat tires offer enhanced performance and a cooler appearance. They provide improved grip and traction on rugged roads, easily handling bumps, rocks, snow, beaches, hills, curbs, and more.


23 Mph

65 Miles

Hydraulic Dual Disc Brake System

The sensitive brake system with the frontand rear 180*4.0mm disc rotors can providesufficient braking force at a short distancewhether in wet or dry conditions.

Shimano 7-Speed Shifter

The professional Shimano 7-speed shifting system and pedal-assist technology completely revolutionize your riding experience.


Brighter LED headlights, make riding more convenient and safer. The integrated taillight making it a warning light at night.

TST Flyer E Bike Unbox & Assembly

Professional ebike blogger RVdaydream provides an installation video tutorial for the TST 27.5-inch model.

Remarkable both simple to install and surprisingly powerful.
TST-More than enough power to get you where you need quickly while being a blast to ride.
We were impressed with the overall ride quality, the confidence this inspired, and the fun we had on this bike.
I’ll cut right to the chase with this review: Buy this e-bike.
More than enough power to get you where you need quickly while being a blast to ride.
TST 27.5' models are excellent choice for commuter ebikes.

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Max Load

400 lbs

500 lbs

400 lbs

Suggested Rider Height





27.5" x 2.25" Tire

26" x 4" Fat Tire

27.5" x 2.25" Tire


Vehicle specifications
Charging Time

4-5 hours


54.6V/ 3A



Product Weight

58.86 LBS

Shimano Shifter



48V 15Ah

Lithium Battery

Hub Motor


Brushless Gear Motor


65 Miles

Pedal Assist


1-5 Level

1-5 Level Pedal Assist



Hydraulic Disc Brakes


27.5" x 2.25"

Ebike Rated Tires

Weight Capacity

400 LBS

MAX Load

Surfer Size

Total Length



Handlebar Height






Minimum Seat Height



Miximum Seat Height



Chain Stay Length



Stand Height



Top Tube Length



Wheel Diameter



Head Tube Length



Handlebar Length



Minimum Seat to Floor


What's in the Box?

1* Electric Bike

1* Owner's Manual

2* Wrenches

3* Allen Key Wrenchs

2* Pedals

1* Charger

1* Seat

1* Front Wheel

1* Rear Rack

1* Fender Set

1* Headlight

1* Battery with Keys

Customer Reviews

Based on 71 reviews

It is amazing. Lots of options great power and very controllable. Also looks great!

Gary Christenson
Performance: EXCELLENT
Value of money score: WORTH
Recommendation score: HIGHLY RECOMMEND
Improvements: Right now nothing at all but I’ll redo the questionnaire in a month to give you better feedback.
Enjoying your TST Surfer step-thru eBike

I purchased this E-bike for my wife that is 5’1” tall & 117 Lbs. This bike is very lightweight compared to others that we looked at & it’s very easy for her to operate. The bike has more power than I thought it would have so that takes a small amount of time to adjust to. Overall we are both very happy with the bike so far. The bike was shipped without the front basket that was on back order so we expect that to be delivered sometime in Feb.

Tanloc Tran
Performance: EXCELLENT
Value of money score: SUPER WORTH
Recommendation score: HIGHLY RECOMMEND
Improvements: The head light is too small and does not have flashing feature
Surfer 27.5” step-thru commuter ebike

Just put the bike together even though I has some problems installing the derailleur guard. The bike looks really pretty. It took about an hour for full charge. Took the first spin. It has a lot of power. It perhaps took only 2 seconds to reach 20Mph. I am really impressed!!

Philip Albensi
Performance: EXCELLENT
Value of money score: SUPER WORTH
Recommendation score: HIGHLY RECOMMEND
Improvements: The only item that was wrong was a screw on the bottom of the box. I figured it would have to be the steering column. It was one of the 4 screws to hold the handlebar on the bike. No big deal. Not sure how that got through QC.
The first Ride

I was a bit worried about the transport of the ebike from Califorina to Virginia as it was touched 6 times (went to various FedEx hubs until it was delivered to me. To my delight the package did not have any holes, and all was in fully in-tack. I opened the box and took everything out as the YouTube video illustrated. The only thing that needed slight adjustment was the back mud fender. The support wires were a little bent where the tire was rubbing against the fender. No big deal. I assembled it in 35 minutes only referring to the video and I'm pretty handy with fixing things. I finally took it out for a spend to see how the PAS works, throttle and gear shifts. I was pleasantly surprised that it had a lot of gusto in PAS 1 and got it up to 21 mph in seconds. I bought this bike for my wife (as she is 5'2" and 66 years old) the color is not my first choice, but she loves it (greenish). It is a bit cold here in Virginia and looking for a nice day to take her out and show her how it works. She is a bit worried that the bike is too heavy and (only 52 lbs) but she worries a lot. Once I get her up and running I will be in the market for a Fat tire ebike. (I am hoping there is a promotion soon!)

Jim G
Performance: NORMAL
Value of money score: WORTH
Recommendation score: DEPENDS ON SITUATION
Improvements: Front wheel held on with very thin bolt thru fork. 1/4”. ? No “keepers holding thru for in case nut comes loose. Can be a very dangerous situation if someone loses the front tire from the fork. Otherwise bike looks well built. Very disappointing no one has improved this
Nice bike

Poor design of front wheel to fork very dangerous

Steve Broudy
Performance: POOR, NORMAL
Value of money score: WORTH
Recommendation score: HIGHLY RECOMMEND
Improvements: Tune up bike before shipping.
Surfer Dude!!

Arrived undamaged.
Parts don’t match build video (no rear nut protector covers, no handle bar alignment markings, etc.)
Derailer protector is advised to be installed by a bike shop. It should come pre installed or be marked as optional.
I spun the rear wheel and it seems to wobble. I have not ridden yet, but this is my biggest concern.
It looks great. My wife is 5’3” and it easily fits her with plenty of room to spare.
No instructions on how to install front light.
Not easy to align handle bar post. This is another concerning issue.

Tom Rath
Performance: EXCELLENT
Value of money score: WORTH
Recommendation score: HIGHLY RECOMMEND
Improvements: Instructions could be better.
Surfer 27.5

Received my bike in less than a week. Instructions are OK, it helped watching utube videos of folks putting it together. Two people putting it together are much better than one. My 16 year old grandson helped me. The shim on the front fork was not noticed right away, once removed the wheel went on easily. As noted in the videos the kickstand is not self evident. Had the front fender rub the wheel, bent the from wire frame to straighten it out. Did order the bike with the front basket, it wasn’t with the bike, I will call them tomorrow. One other irritant was that I had a lower price a couple of days prior, just didn’t order it then and paid a higher but still discounted price. My grandson, son, and I rode it, WOW! Can’t wait to get it out for longer rides.

Margaret Buriak
Performance: EXCELLENT
Value of money score: SUPER WORTH
Recommendation score: HIGHLY RECOMMEND
Improvements: Just to lower seat.
Stepthru Surfer

Excellent power and speed. Only problem I'd that I am 5' 2" and can't reach the ground when I stop. Seat is all the way down. Needs to be 1 inch lower.