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The TST e-bike addresses various cycling scenarios for smooth passage. Whether you're off-roading, in the city, commuting, at the beach, on mountain trails, or in snowy terrain, the TST allows for an exhilarating ride.

Mountain Path & Off-Road

Beach & Snow Terrain

City & Commuter

Low Seat Cruisers

TST Defender looks like a solid, reliable vehicle meant to go the distance, on or off-road.
TST-More than enough power to get you where you need quickly while being a blast to ride.
We were impressed with the overall ride quality, the confidence this inspired, and the fun we had on this bike.
I’ll cut right to the chase with this review: Buy this e-bike.
For a solid combination of value, power, and versatility, consider the ghost fat tire bike by TST.
TST 27.5’ models are excellent choices for commuter ebikes.

26" Fat Tire/27.5" Slim Tire

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23 mph

28 mph




Cadence Sensor

70 N.m

85N. m


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