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Electric Bikes: The Eco-Friendly Solution to Urban Transportation Woes

Electric Bikes: The Eco-Friendly Solution to Urban Transportation Woes

Worried about being late for work due to traffic jams? Tired of spending hours commuting from work to home? Afraid of the harmful gas produced while driving affecting the earth we live on? Well, fret no more! We have an electrifying solution that will revolutionize your urban travel experience. In this blog post, we present to you the perfect antidote to all your transportation woes – electric bikes! Get ready to zip through crowded streets with ease, say goodbye to gridlock-induced frustration, and embrace a greener way of getting around. Join us as we explore why electric bikes are the ultimate game-changer for combating urban transportation challenges.

Benefits of Using Electric Bikes for Urban Transportation

Greener transportation options

In rural areas, people with disabilities, and lower-income populations unable to afford cars and public transportation may benefit from electric bikes. 

Pollution reduction

bikes are also environmentally conscious, like other industries like music, where artists switch to online streaming services and use album cover templates to release new records online to preserve nature. Air pollution from electric bikes is significantly lower than that from cars and buses. As a result of this efficient and sustainable form of mobility, urban cities will be able to produce a healthier environment.

Big Save

Compared to cars, electric bikes are less expensive to purchase and maintain. They do not require costly fuel or parking fees. Additionally, electric bikes are convenient for commuters who wish to avoid expensive congestion charges in certain cities.

Types of electric bikes available

There are a variety of electric bikes available on TST to suit different needs and budgets. Here are our ebike models:

  1. TST Surfer 27.5”Mountain Electric Bike: While it's still no drop in the bucket, it is pretty affordable compared to mainstream brands, especially with rising prices. The Mountain bike maintains an easy-going character. A 500W motor is used to deliver 45Nm of torque, and is connected to a 720Wh battery located on the down tube. The bike features a quick-release 80mm travel front fork, which provides good traction through corners and gives the bike a supple feel over high-frequency bumps. The build is definitely budget-oriented, but it all comes together quite well when the rubber hits the dirt. Weighing in at 71 lbs, it is also noticeably heavy.
  1. TST Defender 26”Fat Tire Electric Bike: The electric fatty from TST has captured admiration not only because of its powerful 750W Bafang rear hub motor and the impressive 720Wh fully-integrated battery, but also due to the abundance of unique features and extras that are not often found in e-bikes of this category. One notable feature is the cadence sensor, which provides a natural riding experience while also maximizing battery efficiency for extended distances without requiring a larger or heavier battery. Additionally, it boasts a vibrant full-color LCD display, a reliable 7-speed Shimano rear derailleur, responsive Tektro hydraulic brakes, and overall delivers an exceptional riding experience.

Moreover, it is available in both step-over and step-through frames, and is available in a variety of attractive colors (making it stand out in a sea of black and white fat bikes). It ships as a Class 2 e-bike, but it can be converted to Class 3 through a mobile app that pairs with your bike, which gives it a top pedal-assisted speed of 28 mph. New breed of electric fat bikes at an affordable price.

Ways Cities are Promoting the Use of Electric Bikes as an Eco-Friendly Mode of Transportation

A growing number of cities throughout the world are adopting electric bikes as an environmentally friendly alternative to cars and public transportation. In addition to bike-sharing programs and rebate programs, cities are also creating dedicated bike lanes to encourage the use of electric bikes.

With bike-sharing programs, city residents can try out electric bikes without purchasing them. Many programs allow users to rent bikes by the hour or day, and some even offer monthly membership plans. Electric biking is easy and affordable for people to try because of this.

As another way to improve people's mobility on two wheels, cities are creating dedicated bike lanes. In busy urban areas where space is limited, these lanes separate cyclists from car traffic, making cycling a safer and more enjoyable experience.

Besides making electric bikes easier to use, it's also about making them more affordable, and one way they're doing that is by offering subsidies or discounts on new electric bikes. In some cities, electric bike infrastructure projects have even been financed through special funds.

By taking these steps, cities are demonstrating their commitment to promoting sustainable transportation options that benefit both residents and the environment. In the years to come, electric bikes will only grow in popularity because they offer a clean, efficient, and fun way to get around.


These bikes not only alleviate traffic congestion on bustling roads but also encourage individuals to engage in physical activity. Given their surging popularity in recent times, electric bicycles have emerged as a desirable choice for commuters seeking a convenient yet environmentally conscious means of travel within cities.

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