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Choosing Routes and Destinations for Your eBike Summer Tour

Choosing Routes and Destinations for Your eBike Summer Tour

With summer just around the corner, an eBike aficionado like yourself has probably already mapped out the routes and destinations for your summer tour. However, if that’s not the case and you haven’t made a plan yet, don’t worry – we’re here to help. In this article, we’ll share tips on choosing routes and destinations for your eBike summer tour and some of our top US recommendations. That being said, let’s go for a ride!

What is eBike touring?

First, let’s see what’s so special about eBike touring. eBike touring allows you to travel faster and tackle difficult terrain, like hills, with much less effort, thanks to electric assistance. It combines the joy of cycling with the ease of motorized travel.

What's also great about eBike touring is that it makes cycling accessible to everyone, regardless of age or fitness level. Outdoor enthusiasts of all demographics can enjoy beautiful routes that would otherwise be too difficult to tackle on a traditional bike. Lastly, it’s one of the eco- and cost-friendliest ways to travel and enjoy the outdoors.

How do you prepare for your eBike summer tour?

The preparation should consist of two parts: physical (regarding your fitness level) and mechanical (regarding the condition of your electric bike).

Physical preparation

While eBikes come with electrical pedal assistance (a feat one shouldn’t underestimate, especially during summer), touring can be a bit physically demanding. Here’s how to get in shape and prepare your body for what’s ahead.

You can begin by gradually increasing the length and intensity of your city rides in the weeks before your summer tour, as this will help you build the endurance and stamina required for the adventure. Another thing you shouldn’t forget to include in your tour prep is some hill training to ensure that any inclines you encounter won’t be an issue.

In addition to regular training, it's important to focus on nutrition and hydration. Enjoy a balanced diet rich in fruits, vegetables, and lean proteins. Also, drink plenty of water throughout the days leading to your eBike summer tour to stay hydrated.

Mechanical preparation

Preparing your eBike for a summer tour involves more than fully charging your battery. Before leaving for your adventure, you’ll need to check your eBike’s tires, brakes, and gears for potential issues (you don’t want to discover them in the middle of the tour).

If you’re not sure how that’s done, take your eBike to your local qualified mechanic for a basic check-up. They have all the tools and essential eBike knowledge.

Pack spare parts and tools

It’s always smart to pack some essential tools you’ve got in your garage and spare eBike parts if you encounter any issues on your route. The list should include a spare tube, tire levers, a multitool, a pump, and any other tools and mechanical parts you might need. eBikes are generally very reliable, but one can never be too careful, as we’re sure you know.

Choosing routes and destinations for your eBike summer tour

Some questions must be asked, and ideas must be pondered to choose a route and destination for your eBike summer tour that suits everyone's needs,

Who are you going with?

Who you’re going with will greatly influence your eBike summer tour: its destination and route selection. While electric assistance aids individuals with physical limitations, ensuring everyone’s needs are met will enrich the group’s experience. Whether you go alone or with your buddies, customize the adventure to suit diverse preferences; consider the pace and duration of daily cycling.

How much time you’ve got?

Your timeframe will dictate the distance you’ll be able to cover; for instance, a week might not be enough for an eBiking trip to New Zealand, but a state-to-state ride across the USA is feasible and offers a solid number of opportunities for exploration. It's essential to be realistic about your goals within the given timeframe, as overplanning can turn the calendar into your worst enemy, leading to a rushed experience to no one’s satisfaction. A balanced plan will make sure you enjoy every moment of your adventure.

What about local infrastructure?

Before embarking on your eBike summer tour, you’ll need to figure out where you'll keep your belongings and other essential inventory you don't want to leave unattended—research local storage providers in your chosen destination. For instance, if you ride through Boise National Forest, opt for Peasley Transfer & Storage to ensure your items are safe and secure while you enjoy the outdoors. Their facilities are equipped with climate-controlled units, which are ideal for protecting sensitive equipment from extreme temperatures. In the end, checking the surrounding infrastructure before heading out is crucial to guarantee convenient access to storage facilities.

What type of weather conditions are you comfortable with?

Weather plays a significant role in shaping your eBike summer tour experience. Always check the forecast before you head out to ensure it aligns with your preferences and the needs of your group. For instance, destinations outside the US, like Mallorca or mainland Spain, can experience extreme heat during summer. Therefore, if your destination is known for extreme weather conditions, it's essential to factor this into your planning for a comfortable and enjoyable journey during the year's hottest months.

Top Northwestern US routes and destinations for your eBike summer tour

As promised, here we’ll show you some of our favorite US eBiking routes and destinations:

  • Boise National Forest, Idaho.An unforgettable experience with scenic landscapes and temperatures tailored for the hot summer months, a perfect harmony between nature and human comfort.
  • Bachelor, Oregon.Apart from jaw-dropping natural scenery, you can enjoy over 13 miles of gravity-served bike trails, a mix of machine-built flow trails, and hand-built single tracks.
  • Portland to Walla Walla via the Lewis and Clark Trail, Oregon.This overlooked route along the Columbia River offers stunning views of the gorge and scenic scrub lands, yet it remains undiscovered by bike tourists. Therefore, try it before it becomes popular.


You're all set to go now! Follow these simple guidelines, and your eBike summer tour will be an experience to remember for a lifetime. Choose a destination that suits the group's needs, and avoid overestimating your abilities. At the same time, don't shy away from a challenge.


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